about study conditions at the University of Zenica in alignment with the Bologna process and ECTS credit system
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  Most important elements of the Bologna process

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Bologna and ECTS
- Most important elements of the Bologna process
- Basic facts about ECTS
- A short ECTS dictionary
- ECTS documentation applied at UNZE



ECTS documentation applied at UNZE

According to the issued directives of the Senate from the month of July 2005 at the University of Zenica the following documentation has been used:

  • Student Application Form
  • Learning Agreement
  • Registration List
  • Transcript of Records
  • Workload Evaluation and Recognition Confirmation
  • Diploma Supplement

ECTS documentation on students (relates to postgraduate students, too) and their studying is used for realization of Bologna process postulates on free mobility of students, teaching and scientific staff in a unique European Higher Education Area. Sending and exchanging staff is overall not administratively fixed, but rather a matter of an agreement of partner higher education institutions, e.g. of two European universities. On both institutions university ECTS coordinators have to work with their associates (faculty ECTS coordinators) who concretely agree and confirm conditions and validity of the accompanying documentation of individuals who are the subjects of exchange or those who for a certain period leave a parent institution and continue studies, lecture or participate in a joint research project in another institution.

Here follow six bilingual ECTS forms designed for documenting data about students aiming at studying abroad. It denotes that after completed studies, research or course in a host institution they return to their parental institution and continue their regular activities that stopped after their leaving.

Titles of these forms correspond to their purpose and they deal with the following data: