about study conditions at the University of Zenica in alignment with the Bologna process and ECTS credit system
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  General information about the programmes

About the University

Study Programmes
- Titles of awarded academic degrees
- Admission requirements
- Educational and professional aims
- Access to further study
- The structure of the ECTS study
- Examination and assessment methods
- Final exams
- ECTS coordinator at faculties/departments

Basic Information for Students

Bologna and ECTS



Admission requirements

In the official announcement for entering  graduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies, which is announced pursuant to the academic calendar, the requirements which must be fullfilled for entering the University of Zenica have to be clearly quoted.

They are announced in the media  published in the area of Bosnia of Herzegovina as well as in the official University web site (www.unze.ba) within the general University requirements and specific requirements of the  faculties.

Pursuant to the practices in organization and length of the primary and secondary education in most of the European countries as well as at the University of Zenica, one has been enabled to enter the university education:
  • Upon completion of the primary education whose length is not shorter than 8 years,
  • Upon completion of the secondary education whose length is 3 years at minimum,
  • Age of a prospective student can not be an obstacle for entering the Unviersity education,
  • Nationality (the country of origin) can not be an obstacle for obtaining the status of a student