about study conditions at the University of Zenica in alignment with the Bologna process and ECTS credit system
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  General information about the programmes

About the University

Study Programmes
- Titles of awarded academic degrees
- Admission requirements
- Educational and professional aims
- Access to further study
- The structure of the ECTS study
- Examination and assessment methods
- Final exams
- ECTS coordinator at faculties/departments

Basic Information for Students

Bologna and ECTS



Educational and professional aims

The educational and professional aims of the University of Zenica are based on two basic components of the university ecuation:

  • educational-scientific work and
  • scientific-reasearch work.

These two components of the university education are mutually dependent, but for the purpose of an easier approach and managing of the processes at the university can be divided into sections in the following manner:

  • education of the high-quality young experts (students) as well as the adults both through the teaching procedure and scientific-reasearch processes in all the branches available at the Unviersity of Zenica, so that they can be productive in their current and future activities.
  • constant monitoring and improvement of the scientific-research work and the University of Zenica, training (education) and inclusion of as many young people (assistants and students) into the process; establishing contacts between the University and community, economic and cultural developments.

This includes assisting the economic, social and cultural development within and beyond the regional and country borders through providing a scientific and technical support. In this process the University of Zenica has to fit into the national and international quality criteria of the educational and scientific activities and results, thus fullfilling the goals of both the employees and students.