about study conditions at the University of Zenica in alignment with the Bologna process and ECTS credit system
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  General information about the programmes

About the University

Study Programmes
- Titles of awarded academic degrees
- Admission requirements
- Educational and professional aims
- Access to further study
- The structure of the ECTS study
- Examination and assessment methods
- Final exams
- ECTS coordinator at faculties/departments

Basic Information for Students

Bologna and ECTS



Final exams

Graduate programme is completed upon passing all the examinations, completing and defending a final degree report in accordance with the studies programme.

The degree report may be worked on at the home or visiting university in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian or English Language in case the student takes part in one of the international programmes.
The degree report shall as a rule be worked  on not shorter than for three and not longer than for six months. The degree report shall be worked on during the last term the student has been attending.

Deadlines and procedures of defending the degree reports as well as the actions (curricula and programmes) of the postrgraduate studies, i.e. conferring degrees depending on a study level,  shall be determined by special regualations of the University of Zenica.